Friday, April 17, 2009

@MOM I love you and miss you. Say Hi to Dad & send instructions for apple pie crust soon Pls xx❥x Robin

                                              Virgina Wendell circa mid-1930's

All the hoopla about the Oprah tweet debut and the CNN versus A.Kutcher, race with its, follow or not to follow, debate on twitter this week got me thinking about my own following proclivities.  I realized that the folks I want follow and to hang with are the ones that I want to connect with on a personal level.  Same goes for the people I follow -- I look forward to the tweets about their lives, their blogs and the other useful information they have gleaned from others.  I only follow folks that are marketing products if it’s something I want - like books or travel or food related sites and information.  I want real stuff and real folks not free laptop guys and mega-marketing gurus pitching how-to info-manuals cluttering up either my twittersphere or my offline life.  

I got to wondering.  Who would be my Ultimate Follow?  If there was one person, living or dead, that I could follow -- (and who would follow me back and engage in conversation with me) Who would it be?

No, contest, it would be my Mom.  She died suddenly of a heart attack in 1985 and I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. We have a lot to catch up on.  I’d like to go through all the family photo’s with her and ask questions about her mom and dad and her childhood in Chicago. She always wanted to write - I bet she likes my blog and is proud of my sisters books on the Ravenna neighborhood (where we grew up), and Frederick and Nelson, where my dad worked for over 30 years.  Most of all I really need her exact technique for making pie dough.  I have never been able to replicate the, melt in your mouth, crust on her apple pie. 

How about you -- Who would you choose?  Why?

©Robin Wendell 2009


  1. Almost the same -- my dad died at 80, about six weeks into learning how to use the Internet. I think about "showing him around", eavesdropping on his tweets, having him RT proudly when I have a new piece out, and I just sigh.

  2. I don't have an answer. Maybe I'm still to confused, even at this late stage to have clearly thought out such things. It wouldn't be family, we just aren't close which is probably my fault. I suppose if I could find a personification of inner peace or love, that would be my choice. Could it be my inner life is so void and empty that I have no real answer.

  3. Littlefluffycat- At least we can do it together- ({{{SIGH}}}}

    Anon- Thanks for sharing. How about @unconditionalove or @sunshineinyourheart I bet you have some of that to give and if you give it you will get it back. It's inevitable -- it's the way the universe works

  4. My grandmother, because now that I'm writing all these family stories I have a million questions about that stuff she tried to tell me when I was fifteen and too important to listen.

    But I did listen long enough to learn to make her pie crust. And I will share my knowledge if you're interested ;)

  5. I'd have to follow Douglas Adams. Not only is he heartwarmingly hilarious, but imagine the stories he could tell about what it's REALLY like in the afterworld! Or Jim Henson. I miss the wisdom of the muppets of my childhood.