Friday, March 20, 2009

What Color is Your Zombie

Just a quick post as I run out the door.  I tried twittomancy for the first time this morning as I was eating my breakfast.  The routine is you click on the everyone tweets and then pick one at random, (eyes closed, no cheating!).  Voila- your own twitcookie fortune.  

I clicked and got @zombiemanet "What color are the zombies at Hereford."  

Well, what to make of that!  I looked around to see if there were any zombies in the vicinity.  Nope.  The cat was sleeping peacefully on his leopard blanket and the yard guy looked normal.
Then I looked down at my breakfast bowl.  Oh no, a hereford cow was starting me in the face. I almost choked  on a strawberry.

I believe in the law of correspondences- everything is interrelated but this is going too far. Zombies, cows and bran.  I'm almost afraid to leave the house.  Fortunately I'm only going to the Wedgwood broiler for a martini and a bite.  I'll be safe there. The lighting is dim and I can hide in the back of the room. Besides I have a feeling Zombie cows have an innate fear of black naga-hide booths. 

© Robin Wendell 2009

OMG tried twittomancy & found your tweet as my fortune -What color are the zombies at Herefo C t/Cow


  1. Oh that's hilarious! I have to try it but I bet you I won't get anything half so interesting. :)

  2. Thanks Ink-girl. If you would like to try Twittomancy give it a whirl and tweet me the results. I will do a blog post for you about your very own tweetworldview!