Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What does it all mean?

Have you every wondered what it all means?  You rise in the morning and tweak the espresso machine to get that first perfect cup.  You are about to take that first sip and.....wait.  There is a picture in the foam.  

This is the saga of my AM coffee foam.  

Today a small mermaid takes a swim with a large rubber ducky.  

Finally my unconscious has a chance to surface and frolic with playful ideas floating on the surface.  I have been under the water for a while and it feels great to breeeeeathe. 

Coming out of winter is like surfacing out of a cold frozen lake to glimpse crocuses poking their tiny heads up in the warming earth on the shore.  Soon it will be the time of spaghetti strap dresses, new sunglasses, sand in the new-painted toes and the sun sparkling on everything bright and beautiful.   

If we all say "I belive in SPRING" and clap maybe the fun will start sooner?  I'm clapping right now!

© Robin Wendell 2009


  1. Oh my, Robin. You were born to write this blog. I am SO bookmarking you. Mary

  2. Thanks Mary!

    You are my first comment!!!! I hope to see Ulysses in the foam someday -- even though I know it should be Venus:)


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