Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Beagle on the Roof, Aloof

Twitterer @ inkgypsy  website has graciously offered to be my ‘First-Peep’ Twittomancy subject.  The everyone ‘tweet’ on her homepage that she picked, at random, (with eyes closed) was-- “I am the Cookie Monster Disguised as Snoopy.”

I immediately had a vision of a rather subdued Cookie Monster inside a dog house with a triumphant Snoopy sitting on top with a happy cookie crumb grin on his face.  I took a look at Snoopy - Wikipedia and found these references: 

“Schulz once said that the best idea he ever had in the strip was to move Snoopy from inside his doghouse to the rooftop. Preceding that, there was a gradual evolution of the character, from something like an actual dog to an anthropomorphic character, more like typical cartoon animals.”
“Oddly enough, the first time a beagle is mentioned in the strip (December 5, 1960), Snoopy denied being one. As Snoopy dozed, Charlie Brown paraphrased Gertrude Stein: "Beagles on the grass, alas." To this, Snoopy replied, "I ain't no stupid beagle!" (Years later, Snoopy would paraphrase the Stein expression himself: "Birds in the grass, alas;. Beagle on the Roof, Aloof")”

In the comic strip Charley Brown, Snoopy was the ultimate observer of life.  Charlie, Lucy and all the others were very caught up in the drama of their life stories.  Snoopy, on the other hand, watched the continuing show with a certain amount of detachment. He had a wry eye that looked at each unfolding event or object with curiosity and an open mind.  

As a current life situation lesson this picture of a triumphant dog sitting above the fray with a happy life-loving smile on his face says it all. Cookie Monsters are funny but one minded creatures. They want cookies NOW and damn the torpedoes. This is the human condition, we all want what we want when we want it and we want it now.  The trouble is that unless the Cookie Monster part of us is overlooked by the Snoopy part there is no discrimination in our consumption of just about everything.  This leads to a somnolent and sated soul-life, not to mention many extra inches on the old waistline. 

As Joseph Campbell  said, “Life eats life” -- this is a given while we live in space and time.  While Indiscriminate munching is normal but wasteful, the careful consumption or sharing of the proper nutrients for the present moment can nourish your whole life. 

What is needed is to get out of the dog house of need and leap up the roof of abundance to look around to see what’s out there to give or get. Sometimes the morsel is for you, sometimes it is for someone else. Sometimes these tidbits land in your face like a big cream pie and sometimes they come quietly and sit on you shoulder like a little chocolate truffle bird. It’s all waiting in the big refrigerator of life as the unlimited provisions for a banquet of love. 

So here’s to you Inkgypsy - an Eagle Beagle with many wily eyed possibilities before you. I can see you now, your neck scarf is waving in the breeze as you sit on your roof and watch for the next morsel to fly by. You are, at last - A Beagle on the Roof, Aloof"

In memory of "Barney" Woof,Woof. Rest in Peace <3 p="">

*Author Ann Wendell - Picture is birthday cake made for my sister Ann Wendell sometime in the 1960’s

©Robin Wendell 2009


  1. Nice thoughts and so true. I was content with perc coffee until I had drip. I was content with drip coffee until I had press. I was content with press coffee until I had espresso. I was content with one espresso in the morning, then two, now three. Is there no end to it?

  2. Ah, BB-mike you are showing all the classic symptoms of Cookie monster cookie syndrome. So sad to see in someone so young and vital. Your options are:

    1. Sign up for any 12 step program you can get your hands on.

    2. Do the geographical solution. Move to Italy where your level of coffee consumption will be small drop in the bucket of the vat amounts every man women and child drinks every day.

    We here at Coffeemancy support your journey towards a sane coffee lifestyle no matter what steamy den of java drinkers or foreign country you eventually end up in.

  3. Someone as old and crotchety as I am should have outgrown such greed. The only cure, as I see it, is to flagellate myself with Costco coffee rather than indulge my evil appetites with coffee from Victrola, Stumptown, Zoka or Vivace.

    By the way, the Seattle Mountain coffee that Costco roasts themselves is surprising good. Not burnt like the coffee Starbucks roasts for them. The problem is that you have to buy 2.5 pounds at a time and only stores with roasters have it.

    St. Anthony of the Desert would be saddened by my behavior. St. Anthony of the Dessert would ask for another cup.

  4. LOL This is perfect! I am SO a cookie monster at heart but must, by necessity (& budget), reign myself in. Eg. I'm trying to figure out insurance stuff right now and am resisting the siren call of the bookstore -- once a bi-weekly stop, now a complete luxury. It'll help to think of myself as Snoopy as I take the high road and keep things in order. Perhaps I'll get lucky and a cream pie will come my way soon.

    What a great Twittomancy! Thank you. Looking forward to when it's my turn next time around (no Cookie Monster, not now. Later!)